Victor Hugo’s St Peter Port by Gregory Stevens Cox

Our latest book is a new guide to St Peter Port as seen through the eyes of Victor Hugo from Guernsey’s leading Hugo scholar, Gregory Stevens Cox.

It takes the reader on a guided tour of St Peter Port condensing fifty years of research into the time that the great French poet spent living in exile on the island of Guernsey.

Take a tour of the island’s capital highlighting the shops and businesses Hugo frequented, as well as stories and anecdotes from the time he spent in the island.

Extensively illustrated with photographs new and old, showing how little the town has changed since the period of Hugo’s residence (1855-70).

Quelle brochette! Et je ne parle pas pour moi! Le livre de Gregory est devenu mon handbook companion in St Peter Port!

Gérard Audinet, Directeur Maisons Victor Hugo, Paris

For more details, see our dedicated page: Victor Hugo’s St Peter Port.

New booklet: The Trail of Ebenezer Le Page

We are delighted to announce the publication of a new booklet The Trail of Ebenezer Le Page by Stephen Foote.

It is intended as a guide for those interested in G.B. Edwards’s classic Guernsey novel The Book of Ebenezer Le Page.

The booklet guides the reader around the main locations in the novel, as well as those associated with its author, G.B. Edwards.

Extensively illustrated with photographs, maps and quotes from relevant sections of the novel.

The author, Stephen Foote, worked closely with Edward Chaney on Genius Friend, his biography of G.B. Edwards.

The booklet is available in select outlets in Guernsey, as well as from our Online Store.