New book – Zoffany’s Daughter by Stephen Foster

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new Blue Ormer book – Zoffany’s Daughter: Love and Treachery on a small island by Stephen Foster.

It tells the true story of Cecilia Horne, daughter of the painter Johan Zoffany, who was imprisoned in Guernsey in 1825 for child abduction.

You can find out more about the book at

And you can pre-order your copy on our Zoffany’s Daughter page.

We will be holding a Dramatic Book Launch event in Guernsey on 7 November at the Guille-Allès Library. Entrance is free, but spaces are limited so please reserve your place with the Library on 720392 or email

New booklet: The Trail of Ebenezer Le Page

We are delighted to announce the publication of a new booklet The Trail of Ebenezer Le Page by Stephen Foote.

It is intended as a guide for those interested in G.B. Edwards’s classic Guernsey novel The Book of Ebenezer Le Page.

The booklet guides the reader around the main locations in the novel, as well as those associated with its author, G.B. Edwards.

Extensively illustrated with photographs, maps and quotes from relevant sections of the novel.

The author, Stephen Foote, worked closely with Edward Chaney on Genius Friend, his biography of G.B. Edwards.

The booklet is available in select outlets in Guernsey, as well as from our Online Store.