New book: Occupied!

We are pleased to announce our latest publication – a book about the German Occupation of the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Written by local tour guide, Victoria Robinson, this beautifully illustrated book provides a general introduction to this subject for primary school children. It has already received positive feedback from children, parents and teachers.

… a pretty useful and good resource for the Occupation.

Concise and effective.

Local headteacher

Really good book – loved reading it.

Local teacher

About the Book

On the 30th June 1940, life in the Bailiwick of Guernsey changed completely when German forces landed and occupied the island. For five long years, the islanders faced life under enemy rule bringing with it danger, hardship and heartbreak.

Discover the stories of daily life during the occupation, living under strict rules and watching out for German soldiers at every turn.

Find out about the main events of the period including evacuation, daring commando raids, listening to secret radios, building fortifications, deportations, facing food shortages, curfews and transport challenges – and, finally, the joy of liberation – all brought to life through colourful illustrations.

About the Author

Victoria Robinson is a Guernsey born and bred accredited tour guide with a passion for the island’s history and sharing it with others.