New book: Travelling Light

In her debut novel, Travelling Light, Jilly Chadwick invites you to join her in a Caribbean adventure where four very different women escape to a paradise beach location in Antigua to escape the pain of a series of life-changing events.  Who has never dreamed of just running away and reinventing themselves as the person you have always secretly wanted to be?

Written during the Lockdown, Jilly used a series of her own life events to inspire an adventure like no other!

She has visited Antigua many times and writes with a passion for the laid back way of life in Jolly Harbour, but also of how the actions of others impact us in quite devastating ways. She also explores the depths of how women are stronger than they know and have the ability to rise phoenix-like from the ashes of loss and pain.

Think Jilly Cooper meets Joanne Trollope on a fun, yet at times heartbreaking, trip that leaves you wanting more.

Her book had been on the slow burner for two years ahead of Covid 19, but some enforced time out gave her the push to finish her novel – and inspire other titles which will soon be following in the wake of Travelling Light.

About the Author

(photo: John de Garis)

Jilly Chadwick is a former Fleet Street journalist who relocated from London to her Channel Island home where she now lives in a house on the coast. 

She launched and edited lifestyle magazines before leaving the corporate world to work for a local mental health charity. 

During lockdown she returned to her love of writing and her debut novel is in honour of all women who have ever come back from the brink of heartache and hardships to find the warrior within.