‘Patches, tricks and wickedness’ – Times Literary Supplement

TLS Cover, September 9This week’s Times Literary Supplement (edition dated 9 September 2016) features a review of Edward Chaney’s Genius Friend  entitled ‘Patches, tricks and wickedness’.

The reviewer, D.J. Taylor, calls it:

A consistently fascinating attempt to chart the life of a geniune literary outsider

The title of the review stems from Edwards’s response to Middleton Murry’s criticism of a (now-destroyed) play he had written:

Your criticism of my play delighted me. Of course, you are substantially right – though you’re too good to me on the way it’s done: but then I can see its patches, and I have my own tricks and wickedness.


For details of Taylor’s review in the TLS – see ‘Patches, tricks and wickedness’ (subscription required).

For details of how to get a copy of Edward Chaney’s Genius Friend: G.B. Edwards and The Book of Ebenezer Le Pageclick here.

The Book of Ebenezer Le Page by G.B. Edwards is published by NYRB Classics and is available in all good bookshops.
G.B. Edwards and wife Kathleen, circa 1925