Victor Hugo’s St Peter Port

by Gregory Stevens Cox

ISBN: 978-0-9928791-7-4

Paperback, 128 pages, 72 illustrations

Publisher: Blue Ormer Publishing, 2018

Victor Hugo is often portrayed as a lonely figure, isolated on his balcony. But far from being an introverted recluse, he regularly went to town and enjoyed the company of le noble petit peuple de Guernesey.

Follow Hugo as he buys pens, ink, paper, pottery, porcelain. Meet the postmaster who tried to swindle him. Encounter the hairdresser whose face was eaten by a ‘wolf.’

Visit Picquet House which received an historic telegraph message for him. Enter the church where he witnessed a baptism. Tread the streets that Hugo knew and immortalised.

A compelling anthology of anecdotes and images.

About the Author

Gregory Stevens Cox – Guernsey’s leading Hugo scholar – has been researching the life of Victor Hugo in Guernsey since 1966. His other works include Victor Hugo aux Iles de la Manche (1996), Victor Hugo’s Guernsey Neighbours (2016) and Les Travailleurs de la mer – some Guernsey perspectives (2016). In 2015, he was one of the co-founders of the Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society, which held a festival in 2016 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Les Travailleurs de la mer.