Mansion, Manor and Merchant Houses

Guernsey architecture and social heritage

written and compiled by Trevor Cooper

Hardback, 148 pages, 120 illustrations.

Published by Blue Ormer Publishing, 2018.

ISBN 978-1-9998913-3-6

Fine Guernsey houses feature in this reflection upon the island’s architectural landscape and the culture of those who shaped its heritage. The houses are as first intended, single household family homes spanning across fortified medieval buildings and expansive farming estates to the elegance and exuberance of the Georgian, Regency and Victorian periods fashioned by the people and social conventions of the time.

Charities benefitting from the proceeds of this book, at the wish of the owners of the featured houses, are Guernsey Cheshire Home, Les Bourgs Hospice, National Trust of Guernsey, Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Sarah Groves Foundation and St Matthew’s Church Appeal.

Comments from owners of houses featured:

“I now know more about my house than I ever did!!”

“A nicely written synopsis of the house, its architecture, history and previous owners”

“You have succeeded in doing [with our house] what I had promised myself to do for the last 20 years!”

“the pictures look really good and the history fascinating”

About the Author

Guernsey-born auctioneer and estate agent, Trevor Cooper, developed an interest in property research during 15 years as a conveyancing clerk in a local firm of advocates. He was a founding partner of Cooper Brouard estate agents in 1996 and has written regular property articles for the Guernsey Press and occasional articles including book reviews for a national magazine.