Guernsey Legends

by Jane Mosse and Frances Lemmon

ISBN: 978-0-9928791-6-7

Paperback, 112 pages, 28 colour paintings

Publisher: Blue Ormer Publishing

Publication Date: 31 March 2018

The island of Guernsey is steeped in a rich and fascinating history that is clearly visible in the landscape; menhirs and dolmens, watch-towers and holy wells, castles and caves – each has a story to tell.

These stories have been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, and during the late 19th century Sir Edgar MacCulloch and Edith Carey made efforts to record these tales. The resulting collection was published as Guernsey Folk Lore in 1903.

The creative partnership between Frances Lemmon and Jane Mosse seeks to capture some of the magic of these legends through vibrant paintings and lyrical, evocative poetry that celebrate the folklore of our beautiful island.

“Until time-travel materializes, this lovely, light-filled excursion into Guernsey’s magical, mythical, and megalithic past provides readers with the most beguiling possible tour of the island’s secrets.”

Annie Barrows

“A hugely successful and enjoyable amalgam of legends, paintings and poems. The paintings are vibrant, and the poems are imaginative, beautifully crafted, and emotionally varied, now serious, now playful. Altogether, a rich feast.”

D. M. Thomas